Thank you for using Cyberblox! Cyberblox is now a verified Discord bot! - 8/20/2023


Choose Cyberblox and experience features on Discord never seen before! Choosing Cyberblox will allow you to get ahead into a better future.

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Our Features

Easily Configurable!

Cyberblox's dashboard is one of the easiest dashboards to use with clean and concise configuration tabs, as well as lots of customizable abilities.

Roblox - Discord Linkage!

Cyberblox's top feature is Roblox to discord linkage! Cyberblox provides much more than the standard verifying feature. It has tons of Roblox features brought over to Discord for simple and easy use!


Unlike most Discord bots, which are managed by a team, Cyberblox is managed by one individual. This means only one person has access to its database, keeping everything encrypted and secure. We are also very transparent in our Privacy Policy about the data we collect!

Our Statistics

We may look small, but on the inside we're not. With thousands of lines of front-end and back-end code, we provide the best experience for you.

161,949+ Users
99+ Servers
29 Commands

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Cyberblox?

    Cyberblox is a Roblox-Discord Bot with much more than the standard verification, featuring lots of commands to help your group for free. Most features provided by Cyberblox have never been seen on a Roblox-Discord Bot before!

  • What Is Cyberblox Premium?

    Cyberblox Premium is a subscription biased service paid yearly or monthly to gain access to Cyberblox's premium features.

  • Why should I use Cyberblox?

    Using Cyberblox has many advantages, providing tons of features for you to continue to grow and expand your Roblox group.

  • How do I get in contact with Cyberblox support?

    To get in contact with Cyberblox support please visit

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