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Welcome to Cyberblox's comprehensive and meticulously crafted documentation, a treasure trove of knowledge and insights! Delve into the vast expanse of information offered here, where you can embark on an educational journey, acquainting yourself with the intricacies of Cyberblox and its multifaceted capabilities, enabling you to harness its full potential to revolutionize and elevate your Discord server to unprecedented heights of success, engagement, and dynamism!


Experience the effortless ease and concise brilliance of Cyberblox's Docs, where exemplary illustrations await, providing a glimpse into the remarkable breadth and clarity you can anticipate within each category.

Command Description Example
Command 1 Simple description of command 1 An example of command 1

This page will show you how to properly use Cyberblox to its maximum level!

Set up Cyberblox!

Setting up Cyberblox is simple and can be done in less than five minutes!

Command Description Example
/linkgroup groupid:[Group ID] updateroles:[Purge, Merge, Don't Change] This will link your Roblox group and roles to your discord server! /linkgroup groupid:32478733 updateroles:Purge
/statchannels This will setup status channels to get your Roblox & Discord membercount! /statchannels

More Coming Soon!